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“I started this business to help business owners not fall into the common pitfalls that ultimately can be their downfall. If you start with good planning and protection, and spend some time working on your business instead of only in your business, you can implement steps and solutions to help the longevity and legacy of what you have created. I want to help people build and maintain that through their business life and beyond.”

– Audrey Johnson, Founder

Audrey began her journey in financial planning in December of 2015, working with mentors and a team. In 2021 Winnow Financial was founded, allowing Audrey and team to begin redefining financial planning.

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“Working with family-owned businesses brings me immense joy. Knowing that I can help make a difference not only to my clients’ businesses and employees but also to their families for generations to come is so fulfilling to me personally,” says Audrey. Making a difference through financial education and having positive impacts on clients’ businesses makes Audrey proud of her career and motivates her in her day-to-day work.


Audrey Johnson

Raised in an entrepreneurial household, Audrey Johnson grew up witnessing both the highs and lows of running a small business.

It is through these experiences she saw firsthand the challenges business owners face, from potential pitfalls to operational complexities. It is from this chapter in her life that she developed her passion for earning the Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS) designation to help her clients be financially literate so that they can make informed financial decisions to help grow their businesses strategically and efficiently while minimizing the potential for mistakes she saw growing up.

Audrey’s desire to do more in the business world was only compounded after completing her Entrepreneurship degree at the University of Houston. Soon after, she obtained the designation of Certified Family Business Specialist from the American College of Finance. She is dedicated to her work with business owners, helping them become financially efficient and stable. Audrey specializes in wealth accumulation, business succession, asset protection, and employee benefits strategies.

Audrey thrives to make a difference in her community, volunteering for numerous foundations, as well as being a member of the advisory board for Project Joy and Hope. This nonprofit organization works to provide palliative care for critically ill children. Audrey is also associated with the Junior League of Houston, where she works with numerous other charities, including Texas Children’s Hospital, the Houston Food Bank, and the Children’s Museum of Houston.

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